I’m angry

I’m angry with you

I’m angry you ruined our friendship

I’m angry you chose your wants over mine

I’m angry you took the one thing I was not willing to give

I’m angry you did not listen when I asked you to stop

I’m angry you made me into a victim



The Big O

My vagina is a hole of burning desire

No man has really lit my fire

To get to the Big O, patience is required

But I never get there before they get tired


So I lay there pretending to be satisfied

But there is this nagging feeling I just cannot hide

I am down to the last stretch every time

But I can never quite cross the finish line


I see myself lying there, staring away

Deep in thought, not knowing what to say

I wanna shout: “You were so close, almost there!”

But to make them keep going would not be fair


Honestly, it is not them, it is all me

In a fully uncontrolled state I cannot be

I am so open, always willing to share

But that part of me, I cannot put out there


I know where this inability comes from

There has to be trust in order for me to come

So why do I not trust the one on top of me?

Because him being into me, I cannot see


And it is not just with them – also when I am alone

Letting go is even harder on my own

My mind takes over, letting my body not be

My thoughts clouding everything I see


So I walk around not knowing what most do

Pretending to not mind having no clue

I do not even need to know how it will be

I just want to know: Why not me?